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CNA Live Stream (Singapore)

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Name CNA
Category General News English
Country Singapore

cna logo singaporeCNA live is a Singaporean television channel operated by the country's national public broadcaster Mediacorp. It broadcasts news programming free of charge in Asia and to 29 other countries across the Pacific.

The channel is originally named Channel NewsAsia, which is an initialism for its name. Its logo is a stylized letter A with abstract lines and folds. Mediacorp News Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Mediacorp Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based media company. It functions as an alternative to Western news media by producing news reports from an Asian perspective.

CNA live broadcasts news programming in the same languages as it airs English-language broadcasts. This content is produced by the media company Mediacorp for their online platforms. CNA's Chinese, Malay, and Tamil programming makes use of bulletins seen on Suria, Channel 5, Channel U, Channel 8, and Vasantham. These bulletins are in the show's respective languages— with English being part of this collection.

CNA operates its own radio news outlet through which it broadcasts current events. Additionally, the online portal provides live streams of world news, and its social media outlets YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter provide access to content on any device. Furthermore, various apps are available for mobile devices that provide world news anytime.

This is the CNA's YouTube channel.


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