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Comedy Central Live (Germany)

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Name Comedy Central
Category General German
Country Germany

comedy central de logoComedy Central in Germany since January 15, 2007, Comedy Central has also been represented in Germany with its own channel, Comedy Central Germany. The regular 24-hour distribution was initially discontinued at the end of 2008. Instead, the channel has been shared with the children's channel Nickelodeon since December 15, 2008. Comedy Central usually moved to the Nickelodeon broadcast slot, broadcasting between 20:15 and 5:45. After Poland, Comedy Central Germany was the second Comedy Central station to also show Sex and the City from December 14, 2009. Since 16. As of May 2011, Comedy Central also broadcasts in HD.

On September 8, 2014, Comedy Central started its program already at 17:00, in the time between 6:00 and 17:00 the program of VIVA could be seen. In mid-September 2015, the division of VIVA and Comedy Central was reclassified, so VIVA broadcast from 2:00 to 14:00 and Comedy Central from 14:00 to 2:00. The owner here is also Viacom International Media Networks. On June 20, 2018, it was announced that VIVA will be discontinued at the end of 2018 and the additional time will be taken over by Comedy Central. Since the 1st. In January 2019, Comedy Central will be broadcasting 24 hours a day again.


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