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Name BBC Persian
Category News
Country Iran

bbc persian logoIf you are an Iranian and you want to stay updated with all the latest events, you can watch BBC Persian on television broadcast. The channel is free and available in many languages. This broadcast is based in the United Kingdom and is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. There are numerous news, documentaries, and other programs to watch on BBC Persian. You can also learn more about Iranian culture, history, and business through its news channel. However, you may need to register to watch the full show.

The Broadcasting Agreement between BBC and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirms that the BBC will broadcast Persian content at no cost to the Iranian government. The deal dates back to October 2006, which is when the station first started its broadcasting service. Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown announced the service on 25 October 2007. They also said that the service is now free to watch from anywhere in the world, and that the Persian language is the official language of Iran.

The BBC Persian service will cost PS15m a year to operate. This agreement was signed between the BBC and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The news program has a range of subjects, including politics and international affairs. The BBC has 140 staff and 40 support staff, but there are some complaints about the quality of the coverage. The service can also be found on the BBC's website in Persian, which has a Persian-language version.

The BBC Persian live service has been running for more than five years, and is a vital part of the BBC's network. It's funded by donations and advertising. Since it's in such a small country, it has a high-quality audience. This service covers news, entertainment, and culture from around the world. Its recent coverage of the 2009 presidential election won it an Association for International Broadcasting Award for its coverage of "the elections that shook Iran."

The BBC Persian service is available on the internet and is produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. It is broadcasted in the Persian language, and has a worldwide audience of 100 million Farsi speakers. The BBC Persian service is also available online. It's worth the time to watch it in order to learn about current events in Iran and the region. You can listen to BBC Arabic or English in Persian, which means it is a service that is available in all languages.

Despite being a prestigious service, BBC Persian TV live is not available in every country. But it's worth checking it out to see if it's available in your country. Depending on your needs, you can listen to news in Persian on BBC Persian TV. The program features live broadcasts and news videos. A large number of programs are available online in the Persian language. There's something for everyone. And you don't need to speak Persian to watch this broadcast!

This is the BBC Persian's YouTube channel.


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