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NewsNet Live Stream (USA)

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Name NewsNet
Category General News English
Country USA

newsnetNewsNet Network, an American news-oriented, free-to-air television channel and newscast production company, is owned by Bridge News, LLC, which is itself owned by Bridge Media Networks. The network broadcasts a 30-minute news wheel that is tightly formatted, 24 hours a day. There is also a break of 90 minutes on weekends and late mornings. It includes newly-updated information covering various areas of interest, such as sports, entertainment, and weather. As news stories develop, new information is added to the breaking news stories.

NewsNet's programming is not only carried on the digital subchannels of associated television stations but also via a Livestream available on its website and its mobile app for those areas that do not have a local TV affiliate. For stations without their own local news departments, the network offers a turnkey local news production service (Custom Newsroom Solutions). This allows them to produce news segments and full-length newscasts. NewsNet's primary studio facility (which also houses master controls operations for the network's O&O station WMNN–LD and MyNetworkTV/Cozi TV affiliate WXII–LD) is located in Cadillac on West 13th Street. Its secondary studio facilities can be found on Haggerty Road, Farmington Hills, Michigan.

The channel's programming revolves around a rolling news wheel format that provides up-to-date information about the most important national and international stories within 30 minutes.

The half-hour begins with the ten-minute "A" block. This is a close to a two-minute-long overview of the hour's top news story. Updated details are provided as breaking news develops. An eight-minute roundup of other news stories takes place at 32 and 02 minutes.

The remaining half-hours include a national forecast summary (at 12:42 and 42 minutes after the hour; branded Weather Report) as well as the most recent sports news, highlights, and scores (at 17:47 and 47 minutes after the hour).

Regularly aired feature segments at 24 and 54 mins past the hour might include Health News (latest information and updates on health), Business Report (in-depth conversations with key players in the business sector), or exclusive interviews conducted by the anchors.

NewsNet also broadcasts a 90-minute block devoted to educational programming for children on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30 AM, in compliance with the Children's Television Act. ET.

NewsNet also runs a break filler segment called Top Stories from The Newsroom. This is a short two-minute summary of the most important news headlines for the day. This segment is exclusively available on its online streaming feed and replaces commercials on the OTA TV broadcast. (Subject to preemptions due to online ad inserts).

This is the NewsNet's YouTube channel.


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