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Keshet 12 Live Stream from Israel

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Name Channel 12 (קשת 12)
Category News Entertainment
Country Israel
channel 12 isrealChannel 12 from Israel Live - Keshet 12 live Stream -  12 קשת Live

Channel 12 or Keshet 12 is an Israeli free to air tv channel that broadcasts dramas, news, and more. Channel 12 is very popular and loved in Israel it has a huge viewer population and also known as Arutz 12 in Hebrew.

History of Channel 12 

The second Israeli channel was managed by the second television and radio authority, but was programmed by two rotating companies, Keshet Media Group and Reshet. As part of a broader series of reforms to the Israeli broadcasting system to increase diversity and competition, Channel 2 was closed and the two concessionaires got their own autonomous channels; Keshet 12 was officially launched on November 1, 2017, alongside Reshet 13.

The programmes were divided between the two channels. The Israel Television News Company continued to provide news programs for both channels, with the main prime-time bulletin broadcast simultaneously by both channels, until January 16, 2019, when HaHadashot 12 was created after the merger of Reshet 13 and Channel 10.

What is Channel 12's broadcast language? Channel 12's broadcast language is Hebrew, which is the official language in Israel. How can I watch Channel 12 from Israel? Just click the play button and enjoy the live stream of channel 12. What is Channel 12's name in Hebrew? Channel 12's Hebrew name is 12 קשת.

A stream record of Channel 12 (Keshet 12)


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