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SRF 1 Live Stream from Switzerland

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Name SRF 1
Category General Entertainment German
Country Switzerland

srf 1 logoSRF 1 is the first television channel in Switzerland. Belong Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF), a part of SRG SSR. Today it can be received via cable TV and satellite, among other things.

Today's SRF 1 is the oldest television channel in German-speaking Switzerland and was also the only channel of Swiss television (today Swiss radio and television) until the launch of S plus in 1993. Between the founding of Swiss television in 1953 and that time, it was thus, due to the lack of private competition, the only nationally receivable program in German-speaking Switzerland. Before the introduction of the channel SF 2 or the concept of "One program on two channels" in 1997, the channel was called SF DRS, before 1993 DRS or TV DRS.

In 2005, the former channels SF 1 and SF 2 received new appearances (as SF 1 and SF two) and were more clearly differentiated from each other. Since then, children's and youth programs have been shown exclusively on SRF two, the traditional children's hour on the eve was on SRF 1. Analogue broadcasting was discontinued in most of Switzerland as of 26 November 2007, and in the Canton of Valais as of 25 February 2008. Since February 29, 2012, SRF 1 has also been broadcast in HD (720p/50).

The transmission via digital antenna television (DVB-T) was discontinued on June 3, 2019 and resumed on July 8, 2020 via the two high-range basic network transmitters Hoher Kasten and Pfänder, which also makes it possible to feed into the overspill areas of cable network operators in Austria and Germany.

Since June 2021, SRF 1 has also been broadcast in Full HD. Since December 16, 2012, the program has been called SRF 1.The program order is formally provided under private law under a federal concession (public service). For the special position corresponding to a public-law program assignment, see SRG SSR#Die Gesellschaft.

This is the SRF 1's YouTube channel.


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