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Rete 4 Live Stream (Italy)

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Name Rete 4
Category General
Country Italy

rete 4 logoRete 4 is an Italian commercial television channel, part of Silvio Berlusconi's company Mediaset. The channel was started in 1982 by the publisher Mondadori, but after several years of major financial losses due to the fierce competition between the commercial channels, the channel finally had to be sold in 1986 to the Fininvest group of Silvio Berlusconi.

Fininvest transferred Rete 4 - like the other tv activities-to the listed Mediaset. However, Fininvest is still the largest shareholder of Mediaset. The director of Rete 4 is now Sebastiani Lombardi. The channel is the most watched channel in Italy after Rai Uno and Canale 5 and especially loved by people over 65.


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