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Imedi TV Live Stream from Georgia

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Name Imedi TV
Category General Movie Entertainment
Country Georgia

imedi tv logoImedi TV was founded in April 2003. The managing director is Bidsina Baratashvili. The TV channel also puts news and political analysis in the foreground. The channel can be received in almost all regions of Georgia. From September 2004 to April 2005, the channel made a name for itself with a weekend talk show on children's education and health, prepared in cooperation with UNICEF, which achieved enormously high ratings.

According to an opinion poll conducted by the MGM polling institute between March and April 2006, Georgians consider Imedi TV to be the most credible TV channel in the country. 67% of the respondents stated that they trusted Imedi the most, while 18.3% said that Rustavi 2 seemed more credible to them. All other Georgian TV stations were only considered credible by less than four percent of the respondents in each case.

In March 2006, the then owner of Imedi Media Holding, Patarkazishvili, accused the Georgian government of trying to exert pressure on the channel and him through the financial authorities. In doing so, he established a link to the editors' coverage of the Sandro Girgwliani murder case, which reported on the involvement of high-ranking employees of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

On July 5, 2007, the channel exposed an abuse of public funds by the Minister of Health, Vladimir Chipashvili, and the Minister of Refugees, Gia Chewiashvili. During the mass protests in Georgia from November 2 to 7, 2007, he sided with the demonstrators against President Mikheil Saakashvili. On November 7, the rooms of the TV channel were stormed by police troops. The transmitter was switched off and the studio equipment was partially destroyed. On November 14, Imedi TV's broadcasting license was officially revoked. After protests by the Council of Europe, the television station went back on the air on 12 December.

On December 26, 2007, the channel temporarily suspended its broadcasts after two days earlier it became known about the alleged efforts of the co-owner Patarkazishvili to overthrow President Saakashvili with a coup by special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The management and employees wanted to distance themselves from Patarkazishvili and "dirty political games" with this.

After the death of the co-owner of Imedi-TV, the oligarch Badri Patarkazishvili, in 2008, the channel was taken over by the government. On March 14, 2010, a report by the channel caused panic among the population, according to which Russian troops again invaded Georgia, and the president was killed. Only at the end of the broadcast it was made clear that this was only a scenario regarding a threat from Russia. Subsequently, there were protests by the population against the station.

This is the Imedi TV's YouTube channel.


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