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Rai 2 Live Stream (Italy)

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Name Rai 2
Category General
Country Italy

rai 2Rai 2 is the second Italian public television program. It began its program operations on November 4, 1961. The program was recorded on the anniversary (Battle of Vittorio Veneto) of the end of the First World War in Italy, in 1961, with an announcement by the singer Mina and later broadcast. One of the first contributions was the play La Trincea (eng. The Trench) by Giuseppe Dessi. Until 1975, the program was called Secondo Programma (eng. Second program), and until 1984 Rete 2, before it took the name Rai Due and from 2010 as Rai 2.

When it was founded, the program saw itself as a dynamic alternative to the first program, the later Rai 1. In contrast to the first channel, for example, journalists took over the moderation of the newscast instead of newscasters. The first news director was Enzo Biagi. It served as a springboard for many well-known Italian television stars, such as Renzo Arbore and Mike Bongiorno.


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