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MBC Persia Live Stream

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Name MBC Persia
Category General Movie Entertainment
Country Iran

MBC Persia logoMBC Persia channel is a free television channel broadcasting movies and series owned by MBC Group. The channel started broadcasting on 8 July 2008. Programs are usually in English with Persian subtitles and audio. The channel is one of the most watched and loved television channels as it broadcasts the highest rated movies and series. MBC Persia channel is very popular as it shows the latest news in western entertainment world. The channel streams great content from sci-fi shows, Hollywood and Bollywood movies, Turkish series and one of the most loved sitcoms, Friends.

MBC Persia is aimed at Iran, the Arab diaspora, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and 120 million Persian-speaking people. You should definitely watch this channel, which broadcasts different and entertaining content. You can easily access our channel website whenever you want. What language does the channel broadcast in? The channel usually broadcasts in English with Persian subtitles, as audio, and in some programs it broadcasts in Persian dubbing. What is the image format of the channel? SDTV (576i), Full HDTV (1080p).

This is the MBC Persia's YouTube channel.


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