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Supreme Master TV Live Stream

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Name Supreme Master TV
Category General News
Country USA

supreme master tv logoSupreme Master TV is a non-profit channel broadcasting in Spanish and English. Supreme Master TV  is a non-profit channel, whose mission is to promote peace and healthy, green living. Supreme Master TV  broadcasts positive news and programs that highlight the importance of world citizenship and the power of love in solving all problems. Supreme Master Television is an American television channel that broadcasts in Spanish and English. It is the only 24-hour global satellite television network in the world dedicated to broadcasting programs with a focus on spiritual enlightenment, peace, culture and health.

SupremeMasterTV The main purpose of this television station is to promote world peace through spirituality; its motto is "Love One Another." This channel also promotes environmental protection, natural health, cultural diversity, and humanitarian causes that benefit all humanity. As part of its spiritual focus, it focuses on topics such as meditation, healing music therapy and self-improvement techniques such as yoga. It also features interviews with prominent figures from diverse.


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