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RTC Télé Liège Live Stream

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Name RTC Télé Liège
Category News Local French
Country Belgium

rtc liegeOriginally known as RTC Canal Plus, RTC Tele-Liege is a television station broadcasting live from Liege, Huy and Waremme, Belgium. The station was launched in 1977 and consists of two channels: local news and sports. The channel also carries international news. In the United States, it airs the popular TV series The Bachelor. As of 2018, the channel offers a consolidated channel for viewers in the U.S.

In 1996, the station replaced its videotext content with CAID, which allows it to produce high-quality graphics and images. In 1995, it expanded its distribution zone to Huy and Waremme. On 19 March 2007, the station switched to a 16:9 format. The new channel's programming includes the Le 6-8 football broadcast by Vivacite Liege. The station's programming is produced by the national network, which airs many Belgian shows.

The RTC Tele-Liege changed its format on 19 March 2007 and shifted to 16:9 on Sundays. In the meantime, it has become one of the most popular local channels in France. It is the most widely viewed channel in the city. Its new channel, Le 6-8, is broadcast on the RTC Tele-Liege. While it's not the best, it's certainly worth checking out.

For the local television channel in Liege, the RTC has a very prominent role in local culture. In addition to RTC, there are other regional and national television channels in the region, like Canvas. Antwerpse Televisie, which has been in business for 20 years, is also a real television network. In Belgium, Notele is a national and Wallonian broadcasting company. The new editor of RTC Tele Liege will be Philippe Malburny, a journalist from Belgium who has a strong background in the media.


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