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MUZ TV (МУЗ-ТВ) Live Stream

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Category Entertainment Music Russian
Country Russia

muz tvMuz-TV is a Russian music TV channel that has been broadcasting since 1996. It is largely modeled on Western MTV and predates the launch of MTV Russia in 1998. Muz-TV was founded by Sergey Lisovsky. The general manager of Muz-TV is Arman Davletyarov. Today, Muz-TV is owned by UTH Russia, which in turn is 49% owned by MTV.

Muz-TV's format is Russian pop music videos, but also occasional international pop, hip-hop and contemporary R&B. There are graphs of local and international behavior, voted on through the channel's website.

Much like MTV, Muz TV, in the late 2000s was more of an entertainment channel with reality shows than a music channel. After a name change on September 16, 2012, "Muz-TV" moved to a new frequency and changed the concept back to "Music". 

This is the MUZ TV's YouTube channel.


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