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Medi 1 TV Live Stream (Morocco)

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Name Medi 1 TV
Category General News French Arabic
Country Morocco

medi 1 tv logo marocMedi 1 TV live is a Moroccan commercial broadcaster that broadcasts from Tangier but is aimed at all Maghreb countries. Medi 1 TV has been around since December 1, 2006, and is currently broadcasting broadcast via Moroccan air, cable, and digital television and internationally via the Hot Bird satellite position.

The Medi 1 Sat was set up by the French and Moroccan governments to promote French-speaking, Moroccan, and Maghreb cultures. The channel is bilingual and was first a news channel: an Arabic bulletin every hour and a French bulletin every half hour. Most newscasts consist almost mainly of international, Moroccan, and Algerian regional Maghreb news. In between the newscasts, documentaries and talk programs are broadcast, among other things.

Today Medi 1 is largely separate from the government and is today a commercial Family Channel, competing with Al Aoula and 2m. Medi 1 TV distinguishes itself by being the first Moroccan TV channel to also broadcast in HD. In addition to documentaries and news, Medi 1 TV also broadcasts internationally known series, films, and broadcast rights of matches of the Moroccan eredivisie.

Medi 1 TV is not part of the Moroccan public broadcaster but a commercial channel. The initial capital of 15 million euros was raised 56% by Moroccan shareholders and 30% by French shareholders. The remaining 14% is owned by Medi 1, a commercial Moroccan radio station that has been active in the initial plans for its establishment.


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