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Iran International Live Stream

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Name Iran International TV
Category General News
Country Iran

logo international iranIran International live is a Persian TV channel. Here is channel info, If you want to know what is Iran International TV, you will have to understand its target audience. This Persian-language television station is based in London and is intended for Iranian viewers. The channel is free to air, broadcasting satellite-free to the Iranian audience. It is broadcast in English and Persian and is also available in many other languages. Listed below are some things to know about the station.

Despite the criticism and controversies, Iran International has remained independent and free of political affiliation. The network's editorial team is composed of members who have diverse backgrounds and political views. It is not affiliated with any political party or movement and has a strict Editorial Code published in Farsi and English on its website. The channel is also independent and does not receive any outside interference. According to its director, DMA Media, its staff is not asked to return travel expenses or other expenses, as it would violate the organization's Editorial Code.

Iran International live has a clear style. The newsroom is bare, and everything is in metallic blue. The Iranian staff is professional and highly skilled - the channel's production team is full of talented journalists and thinkers in exile. While they have a small, but talented staff, it seems they are underpaid, and technology alone will not be enough to tackle this problem. But, as long as the Iranian government is willing to work with them, we can only hope that more of these TV channels are created to help us understand Iran's politics.

This is the Iran International TV's YouTube channel.


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