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ICI Television Live Stream (Canada)

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Name ICI Television
Category General Entertainment Music
Country Canada

ICI Television logoICI Television channel is a free-to-air television network. The channel started its broadcasting life on September 6, 1952. Owned by the public broadcaster Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the channel is available in 15 languages, including Canadian French. The channel has many different content such as news, sports, entertainment and music.

ICI Television's biggest aim is to create International content due to the increasing immigration to Canada every year. News programs start every day after 10 pm. You should definitely watch this channel, which has a lot of content for children, young people and the elderly. You can easily access the channel on our website 24/7. What is the image format of the channel? The channel's picture format is 16:9 720p HDTV (reduced to 16:9 480i for SDTV feed).


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