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Channel 4 Live Stream (UK)

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Name Channel 4 (UK)
Category General Movie Entertainment English
Country United Kingdom

channel 4 logo ukChannel 4 is a television channel in the United Kingdom. It is a public service broadcaster, established by the British government, which does not rely on public funds. All of the station's revenues are derived from commercial activities such as advertising. The channel was set up to prevent the two BBC channels and the only commercial TV channel in existence at the time of its creation, ITV, from being the country's only TV channels.

The first broadcast was on November 2, 1982. Countdown was the first program. Channel 4 can also be received in the Netherlands and Flanders. Since 2008 it has been broadcasting unencrypted via satellite position Astra 28.2°E, from where the BBC channels and ITV channels also broadcast unencrypted.

Several programs originally produced for Channel 4 were later shown abroad. These include the comic series The Comic Strip, Lipstick on your collar, Da Ali G Show, The IT Crowd, Black Books and Spaced. Channel 4 also broadcasts Big Brother, among other things. Channel 4 also has the British broadcasting rights for the series Lost, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives & Will & Grace.

Under the name Film4 Productions, the channel also produces British films, including The Madness of King George, The Crying Game, Trainspotting and Four Weddings and a Funeral. Channel 4 also has a number of digital channels: Film4, E4, More4 and 4Music. In 2009, due to the financial crisis, there were calls to merge Channel 4 with Five.

This is the Channel 4's YouTube channel.


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