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24 Канал - Channel 24 Ukraine Live Stream

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Name Channel 24
Category News
Country Ukraine

Channel 24 Ukraine logoKanal 24 is a Ukrainian television channel. It started broadcasting on March 1, 2006. It broadcasts 24/7 and frequently discusses current events with live programs. Its headquarters is in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and its former name was News Channel 24. The channel is part of Lux Television and Radio Company.

The channel, which has broadcasts on many topics such as politics, economy, sports and celebrities, has very interesting and extraordinary content. The news on the channel is broadcast every hour, in the afternoon and every two hours in the evening. If you are curious about current political developments and the agenda of Ukraine, you should definitely watch this channel. You can reach the channel on our website at any time you want. What language does the channel broadcast in? Channel 24 broadcasts in Ukrainian. What is the image format of the channel? Channel 24's picture format is 16:9(576i, SDTV) 16:9(1080i, HDTV). 

This is the 24 Канал - Channel 24's YouTube channel.


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