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BBC Four Live Stream (UK)

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Name BBC Four
Category General Kids English
Country United Kingdom

bbc four logoBBC Four is the BBC's fourth British television channel. The channel was launched on 2 March 2002 as a successor to the BBC Knowledge Digital Channel. Broadcasts begin daily at 19: 00 GMT.

The channel has a diverse range of programming including drama, documentaries, music, international films, in-house productions, comedy and news. The license requires the channel to devote at least 100 hours to art and music, 110 hours to science programming, and to televise 20 international films per year.

A number of programmes (such as the comedic Popular Science Quiz QI) that premiered on BBC Four eventually found their way onto the more popular channels such as BBC One or BBC Two.

BBC Four can be received via Freeview, Sky Digital and other UK digital television providers. In the Netherlands and Belgium, the channel can be received in some cable subscriptions.


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