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Arirang TV Live Stream (South Korea)

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Name Arirang TV
Category General
Country South Korea

arirang tv logoArirang TV is a South Korean broadcasting company, is operated by the International Broadcasting Exchange Foundation. It broadcasts English information about current events, culture, history, and other topics to the Korean region. Arirang TV (Arirang International Broadcasting), is named after the traditional Korean folk song "Arirang."

It started as a cable television service in South Korea in February 1997. In 1999, it opened Korea's first satellite broadcasting outside of Korea. In 2000, it launched broadcasting worldwide in Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

Three channels broadcast live 24 hours a day with English as the main language. They also offer subtitles in Chinese, Spanish, and Korean as well as Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Russian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian (multilingual sub-services). Arirang Espanol was launched in May 2022 as a Spanish-language YouTube channel.

Arirang International Broadcasting has three channels: World, UN, and South Korea, and it uses eight satellite relays. It features 36 programs that cover the international economy, current situations, culture, and entertainment, as well as programs for foreign and domestic opinion leaders.

Arirang Radio is Korea's first English-language radio station. It is currently communicating with more viewers via various programs that have about 144 billion households across 108 countries.

This is the Arirang TV's YouTube channel.


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