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Ariana TV Live Stream (Afghanistan)

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Name Ariana News
Category News
Country Afghanistan

ariana logoAriana TV (or ATN) is a privately owned television network in Kabul, Afghanistan. It is part of the Afghan-American Ehsan Bayat's Afghan Television Company. It focuses on health and education, women's issues, and global issues. It also focuses on international affairs and is available in both English and Pashto. Its mission is to make the world a better place by offering high-quality, unbiased content.

The Afghan-American owner of Ariana is an entrepreneur. He owns a communications company, Afghan Wireless Communication Company. The company was the first communication company in the country after the Taliban took power in late 2001. While Ariana isn't the only channel broadcasting in Afghanistan, it's the largest private television network in the country. It reaches over thirty million people in Afghanistan and millions more around the world. The network's mission is to educate the local population and provide them with the news they need to stay informed.

The Ariana TV network is one of the largest private television networks in Afghanistan. It covers all 34 provinces and reaches over 30 million Afghans and many more throughout the world. The network is a great source of information and entertainment and focuses on the culture and traditions of the country. Its programming is aimed at children and women, and a large portion of it focuses on world events. With its diverse content, viewers can expect to learn about a variety of topics.


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