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2M Live Stream (Morocco)

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Name 2M
Category General Movie Entertainment Arabic
Country Morocco

2m logo2M live is a Moroccan-owned free-to-air television channel. It was founded by ONA, a royal-owned conglomerate. The network was then sold to part of the Moroccan government. Atlas Benjelloun’s holding company SNI owns 45.3% of 2M. The Moroccan state controls approximately 32.5%. It is located in Casablanca.

It is free to air locally on a digital signal with nationwide coverage and satellite television via Globecast and Nilesat. 2M provides services in Arabic, French, and Berber.

2M Live Stream Online

2M live was established as a second television channel in Morocco with the goal of encouraging competition and diversity within Moroccan audio-visual broadcasting.

2M officially launched its programs on March 4, 1989. It was a cable channel that broadcast unscrambled two times per day. SOREAD (ONA Group), the largest shareholder, resigned from the management of the TV channel after seven years of activity. 2M en direct was taken over by the Moroccan state with 68% of its capital. The government made a significant effort to develop the audio-visual industry.

Radio 2M is Radio 2M's companion radio channel. It broadcasts music, news, and information from Morocco in Arabic or French.

2M challenged taboos and debated controversial topics. It established itself as a symbol for freedom of speech in Morocco. It regularly broadcasts news, music, and sports. It is a government-controlled public TV station and it has been alleged that the government also controls editorial choices.

2M en direct has two feeds. One is available via terrestrial TV and one via satellite under the brand 2M Monde (French: lit. 2M World). Both feeds air the same local programs, but they air at different times. 2M Monde doesn't broadcast Hollywood TV shows or movies from Hollywood, as the network does not own broadcast rights.

On 23 November 2016, the channel caused controversy by airing a segment on Sabahiyat 2M about how to cover beaten bruises using makeup to mark the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women. 2M issued an apology on 28 November for the airing of the segment. They called it an "error of judgment."

A video from 2M's YouTube channel.


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